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Flash fiction attack!

“No way can you jump from the roof of this building to the other one.” With the dare set, all I had to do was get up enough speed and launch myself at the right time. 100% confidence in making the jump. Me and my friends had been daring each other to do anything imaginable. Some things were funny, others were scary, illegal or deathly. So when I said yes to the dare, I knew there was a small risk that I could stumble. But I was so concentrated on the speed, that I hadn’t thought about what was on the roof of the building I jumped to.

Cleared the gap with no issues, by a good two feet, but I had so much momentum that I lost my balance and couldn’t stop. I ran right into the pigeon coop and had my face caught in the mesh. After my friends extracted me, they took me to the doctor to get stitches. Who’s up for the next dare?

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Madelyn Hook
Madelyn Hook
2021년 1월 08일

Nice job!

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