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Island of Rubies:

Battle on Skell Island

Ferk and his band of young men set off for adventure to a dangerous island. What they find is beyond their imagination. Danger and rubies are found in abundance and when they make it back to their small village, they are treated to a hero's welcome.

Follow the tales of the Skell cooperative as they grow their town by using the rubies and their dreams. Luckily, a jeweller enters their lives that makes a perfect addition to their town of Askon.

Their village grows into a city, but with prosperity comes evil. The wizard of the group must rally an army to return to the island before it is too late!

A Short Story Anthology:
Only the Beginning

The collection you are about to read isn’t the end of my short-story writing. Rather, it is the beginning and the middle. A look back at what I was able to write during a tumultuous time in the world. I wanted to create this anthology to share it with others and to have a tangible reminder of what I accomplished in that span of time, 2020-2022.

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