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As a new author, it's daunting to start a website with only one published book. Here you will find my other projects as well, some which are close to completion and others that are in the early stages. If you like what you see, send me a line and ask about the story.

Heather of Stragore Book Cover V18.png
Heather of Stratgore

As the horses bear down on her, she wonders why the mercenaries have chosen her lands, her manor, and her people to attack. It doesn’t matter though, for they will not survive. Lady Heather of Stratgore is a formidable woman, forged in the training yards of Asyorn and raised in the lush hills of Ulleride. 


Rumblings of a pretender king who wants to unite all of the old kingdoms reach her, and she knows that the mercenaries sent to attack her were only the vanguard of a much larger force. Lady Heather must convince the nobles of the Kingdom to unite under one banner to defend their lands. 


Will she be able to craft a strong enough battle plan to defend Ulleride as the army from the east makes its way through the mountain passes? Or will Grautland rise from the ashes of history to enslave the five Kingdoms forever?

Due out in 2022
Limestone City Murders Cover Page.png
Limestone City Murders

The one-time capital of Canada and small city on the shore of Lake Ontario wakens to a gruesome murder. While the detective on the case has to take a new guy under his wing, the learning curve becomes steeper as more people are found dead in and around the old historical parts of the city.

In a race against time, the new detective, Tommy Nguyen, proves that he's up to the challenge as he gets closer to catching the killer. But he always seems to be one step behind. The killer taunts the duo, leaving clues at each scene.

As the mayor and chief of police demand results, Nguyen feels the pressure. Will he be able to cement his bonafides as a homicide detective by catching the killer before another body hits the front pages of the national newspapers?

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 4.05.55 PM.png
Drug Squad: Retribution

Steve, a broken and divorced Toronto police officer wakes one morning to find out that his sister's family has been murdered. He vows to find the killers and as the clues turn to fact, he finds that he's on the trail of some nasty gangsters called Los Norteños.

What Steve doesn't know is that the Squad, Toronto's elite drug squad is also on the trail of Los Norteños as a turf war happens for control of the meth trade in the city of 4 million.

Razor, the leader of the Squad, and his team are effectively hunting down members of the gang, with the help of the crown attorney and work their way up the chain towards the top. It is a race between Steve and his former friends and coworkers as they get those responsible for killing Steve's extended family.

Due out in 2022
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