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5 Pages a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

These past seven days have kept me busy. I've been writing and reading, thinking and typing as much as possible.

I've been reading and writing, tweeting and typing. Six word stories, short stories, flash fiction and writing prompts. It's been a great week. Here's a look at Hooked a Big One - a short story that will be finished by Sunday.


Fishing is such a liberation for me. Nature all around and a canoe on an isolated lake. The chance to hook a monster the likes of which the local populace would never dream of. The positive experiences in such a noble pastime were almost literally endless.

Fishing isn’t a sport for the weak, though. It is unwise to picture expensive boats, live wells and sonar/ fish finders. That isn’t fishing; that’s a glorified version of it. To understand the reverence attached to fishing, visualize a simple rod, a person and bait - worm or lure. Perhaps a net but nothing else. For the adventurous, a canoe or kayak, but no trolling motor.

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